Frequently asked questions and help

1) I forgot my password.

Please follow the password recovery procedure (the link is available on the login page). Note: you can only recover your password if you have activated your account. Otherwise, you will need to perform a new registration.

2) Login is unsuccessful.

To complete the registration process, you need to activate your account by clicking the HTML link which was sent to you by e-mail upon registration. The account must be activated within 72 hours of the e-mail receipt. If this is not the case, you will need to register again (you can type in the e-mail address and username you used at the beginning of the process).

3) I cannot confirm my user registration.

If you waited over 72 hours to activate your account, you must repeat the registration procedure. Occasionally, activation may fail even when performed within 72 hours: this happens when the e-mail client modifies the link sent by the application and thus makes it invalid. In this case, you can complete the registration process by copying the link text and pasting it directly into your browser address bar.

4) What kind of user names are allowed?

User names must be comprised of a minimum of 8 characters: the first 3 must be letters and the following letters or digits. You may also use blank spaces, but not at the end of your user name.

5) I did not receive an activation e-mail (to confirm my registration)

Please check that your mailbox has not exceeded the maximum allowed size and that the e-mail has not been automatically filtered out by an anti-spam or anti-phishing tool. Please check the anti-spam folder of your mailbox.

6) I am afraid I have typed in a wrong e-mail address upon registration.

Please register again entering the correct address.

7) The connection is lost after some time.

When you log in, the application opens a session. Your profile is authenticated and is allowed to operate with the system. After 30 minutes of inactivity the session will expire, so you will need to log in again. Some browsers (like Internet Explorer) automatically reopen the login page, while some other browsers (e.g. Firefox 3) will display a message such as : - "Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the url request indefinitely . It is recommended to close and relaunch your browser and then perform a new login."

8) I forgot my username.

Please follow the username recovery procedure. If you have forgotten your username (the link is available on the login page). Note:- you can only recover your username once you correctly answer your secret recovery question.

9) None of the above FAQ is applicable

Please send an e-mail to